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Information Technology

Procurement Information Technology


Wajax Industrial Components can manage inventory levels efficiently

Wajax Industrial Components's procurement information technology provides our customers with a clear and direct window into all of the major stages in the procurement process, from inventory to shipping and billing.

Wajax Industrial Components uses procurement information technology to establish full business-to-business integration so that we can manage your inventory levels efficiently.

We access and extract information from customer and supplier systems in order to:

  • Determine and set appropriate min/max levels
  • Analyze purchase orders for substitute items in stock at customer locations
  • Identify surplus stock across customer locations
  • Instantly query stock availability at key supplier facilities

Real-Time, Online Inventory Inquiries

Our procurement IT solutions allow customers to make online inquiries 24/7 on:

  • Pricing
  • Stock availability
  • Lead times

Wajax Industrial Components customers can also view and download:

  • Past purchases
  • Invoices
  • Current Balances

Automating EDI and EFT

Wajax Industrial Components's industrial inventory control solutions automate many steps in electronic transaction systems such as EDI and EFT to eliminate human error, and improve speed and accuracy in the receiving, invoicing and payable processes.

Wajax Industrial Components also implements inventory bar coding technology to automate inventory tracking, selection and receiving, which reduces errors and improves procurement process efficiency. We also have the technical expertise to put these systems into operation quickly, with few resources required for their deployment.