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With our wide range of products and services, Wajax Composants Industriels meets the needs of all major market sectors, including:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic motors and pumps
  • Directional control valves
  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Belts

Wajax Industrial Components can ensure that your equipment is ready to meet your challenges day-in and day-out. Whether manufacturing, upgrading or repairing equipment, Wajax Industrial Components can provide you with quality components at competitive prices...

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Chemical Process
  • gear pump assemblies
  • valves
  • instrumentation
  • pipe liners
  • complete air cooling towers

Reagents, polymers, or industrial solvents. Whatever your chemical processing equipment requirements, Wajax Industrial Components helps you do it for less - From cost savings on your equipment supply to engineering and value-added support services that reduce your plant’s costly downtime...

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Construction and Aggregates
  • heavy-duty conveyors
  • trash pumps
  • industrial gear units
  • high-strength chains
  • belts
  • bushings

Sand, stone, concrete or mixed aggregates. Whatever your construction equipment specifications, Wajax Industrial Components helps you save money on parts as well as on maintenance and repair services. With our value-added support, we can help you reduce your operation’s costly downtime...

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Food and Beverage
  • HACCP-compliant screw conveyors
  • pumps
  • aseptic motors and drives
  • microbial-resistant bearings
  • chains
  • fittings

Meat, poultry, baked or canned goods. Whatever your food and beverage process control requirements, Wajax Industrial Components helps you do it for less - from cost savings on your equipment supply to engineering and value-added support services that reduce your plant's costly downtime...

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Forestry, Pulp and Paper
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Pumps
  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Conveyors

Whether you’re processing wood products or reforesting, you can count on Wajax Industrial Components to supply you with the parts and repair services necessary for your forestry equipment. Wajax Industrial Componentsreduces costly downtime by keeping your business up and running 24/7...

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Primary Metals
  • bearings
  • spindles
  • couplings
  • reducers
  • pumps
  • chains
  • conveyors

Aluminum smelting, steel making or metal casting. However your company processes metal, Wajax Industrial Components will maximize your up-time and reduce your costs...

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Mobile and Transportation
  • Hydraulic cylinders and motors
  • Directional valves
  • Power units
  • Winches
  • Bushings
  • Rear strut assemblies

Trucks, tractors, blowers or heavy-duty utility equipment. Whatever products you need regarding transportation or mobile equipment, Wajax Industrial Components offers competitive prices on parts and engineering services...

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Oil and gas
  • piston pumps
  • motors
  • proportional control valves
  • large oil/air coolers
  • cartridge valves
  • hose and fittings
  • gauges
  • filtration products
  • hydraulic systems

Petroleum, natural gas or propane. Whatever your oil and gas processing equipment needs, Wajax Industrial Components helps you save money on parts and maintenance services. With our engineering and value-added services, Wajax Industrial Components provides the innovative support that keeps you up and running 24/7...

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  • heavy-duty industrial gear motors and reducers
  • large diameter pipes
  • 360-ton haul-trucks

Metals, minerals, or hydrocarbons. Whatever your mining industry requirements, Wajax Industrial Components provides cost savings on equipment supply and engineering services. With our value-added support services, we can help you do it better by minimizing your lost production time...

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Our process improvement engineering and pump rebuild services, amongst others, enable us to provide the innovative support that helps make your operations more efficient.



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Power Generation

Please contact Wajax Industrial Components for more information on services we provide to the Power Generation industries.



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Water and Wastewater

Wajax Industrial Components ensures reliable system operation through support services that predict, prevent and react to operational problems — before they cause downtime. Wajax Industrial Components's proven industry expertise means that you receive products and services that conform to stringent industry requirements, that produce real energy savings as well as greater control.

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